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We draw upon the widely used agile principles to help CEOs and investors create & execute their strategy and positively impact valuation.

Our Agile Planning Methodology has been adapted to corporate strategy for maximum velocity and alignment within your organization.

  1. MEASURE: Measure progress on your strategic plan in real-time using powerful analytics
  2. ALIGN: Improve your stakeholders alignment towards the same objectives
  3. ACCELERATE: Improve your velocity of execution



Execute your plan with certainty

Most corporate strategy methodologies are static and built for the previous century. Our software platform helps you focus on the actions that will deliver the most value and adjust your plan in real-time.



Our latest podcast episode

Mastering delivery with Jordan Arshinoff, Cofounder & Copresident @ Obibox | EP#225

On this week’s show, we spoke with Jordan Arshinoff, Cofounder & Copresident @ Obibox. After spending 17 years of his professional life in the industrial packaging industry, Jordan Arshinoff Foss founded obibox (formerly Xpedigo) with his brother-in-law Paul-Henri Erhard in November 2016. Initially conceived as a technology platform applied to parcel delivery (last mile), the entrepreneurs quickly developed an operational side in order to test the technology developed by their technical team. The company enjoyed some success from 2016 to 2020, but it was in the midst of a pandemic that obibox took off. Today, they are 4 founders, have…


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Our approach to strategy is not a set-and-forget plan but an ongoing planning which mobilizes individuals in action in order to generate value. If strategy guides businesses on where to go, it’s the people that make them get there.

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