Not your typical strategy firm

Who we are

At Point of No Return, we are dedicated to helping executive teams get aligned, move faster and adapt to their market by taking action. This means moving away from the belief that companies are defined by plans, we prefer to focus on people.

Our DNA is based on trust, grit and health.

Our vision

We believe that software will disrupt traditional management consulting as it does every industry globally. We are building a platform and methodology that will help our customers predict success of their strategy in real-time and improve alignment when it matters the most.

Your strategic planning team

As a team of thinkers, doers and planners from fast-growing technology companies, our approach is not traditional. We believe in the power of human connection to achieve success. We know that unlocking that potential lets us become more than just planning providers: we’re able to put strategy in action.

talbot-cindy-3057-hd-bwCindy Talbot – MBA, CPA, CFA

Director of Financial Strategy

cl-picClaudelle Latour

Senior Engagement Manager

duotone_oliOlivier O’Neel

Technology and Innovation Manager

Work with us!

Our team has an oversized impact because we benefit from a system that provides unique insights and time savings, enhancing our engagement at the executive level.

Working with PNR is a thrilling experience where the joy of work is amplified. Our core values create an environment that feels like a warm and supportive family. As you invest your efforts, you will not only gain invaluable knowledge but also witness personal growth. By collaborating with our talented team, you’ll enhance your skill set, leaving a lasting impact on both our clients’ organizations and your own professional journey