Using robotics to power art with Chloë Ryan, CEO and Founder @ Acrylic Robotics | EP#228

December 9, 2022

On this week’s show, we spoke with Chloë Ryan, CEO and Founder @ Acrylic Robotics

Chloe is an artist, innovator and tech startup founder with a background in mechanical engineering who is fueled by her creative intuition, curiosity and desire to proactively build the world we want to live in. More than anything, she loves taking bold ideas from concept to reality, and leads with passion, vision, grit and determination.

Before Acrylic, she started my first business at age 9, sold hwe first painting at 14, was a provincial-level competitive athlete throughout her teens, founded & scaled a sustainability case competition ( nation-wide, held leadership roles on dozens of student committees in her undergrad, and managed multi-million dollar infrastructure projects at Canada’s largest engineering consulting firm (WSP).

She is now the Founder & CEO of Acrylic Robotics, a tech startup on a mission to make fine art accessible to all. We leverage robotics and artificial intelligence to allow artists to create authenticated limited-edition collections of painted artwork conceived by them and painted by their robotic twin with real paint on canvas. With Acrylic, artists can make their work available to the general public while also generating orders of magnitude more income per piece.

On the show, we spoke about: 

  • Chloe’s background as an artist 
  • Acrylic Robotics and the bold mission to help artists
  • Unlocking new demand by lowering the price of art
  • A philosophical conversation on what is creativity 
  • Potential business models using generative AI 

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