Taking pride in your work with Mohannad El-Barachi, Co-Founder & CEO @ Wrk

March 18, 2022

On this week’s show, we spoke with Mohannad El-Barachi, Co-Founder & CEO @ Wrk

Mohannad El-Barachi is an Egyptian-born tech-entrepreneur, investor, executive, and business strategist. After moving to Montreal at the age of 7, he went on to graduate with a university degree in Computer Science and Political Science before taking on various executive positions in the tech and telecom industries. His experience spans multi industries and disciplines including the launch of multiple successful businesses and product lines in the automotive, telecom, and digital marketing industries. Most recently, he co-founded and led as CEO SweetIQ Analytics Corp., a digital marketing platform helping multi-location brands and marketing agencies increase in-store foot traffic via local search. In April 2017, after raising millions of dollars in VC funding and driving the company’s four consecutive years of +300% growth, he led the company to its acquisition by Gannett, owners of USA TODAY!, a multi-billion dollar publicly traded news and media company (NYSE: GCI). Today, Mohannad is a strategic advisor and investor in several technology companies and venture capital firms.

On the show, we spoke about: 

  • How Mo thinks about risk 
  • The importance of creating a sense of urgency and how it can help strategically
  • Why he started Wrk (hint: it’s making a big impact) 
  • WrK’s ambitious mission 
  • Human creativity triumphing over machines 
  • Their huge $55M round and his plans to scale 

Mo is a world-class entrepreneur and is only getting started with his current company. I took away a bunch of great lessons after speaking with him and I hope that you do as well.

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