Responsible investing with Tima Gros, COO and Paul Allard CEO @ Impak Finance

November 12, 2021

On this week’s show, we spoke with Tima Gros, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @ Impak Finance and Paul Allard, Co-Founder & CEO @ Impak Finance.

Paul is a serial tech entrepreneur with a track record of achieving business results, through leadership, management, innovative problem solving, networking, financial engineering and M&A.

He successfully led & managed multi-disciplinary teams in the UK, France, Canada, Mexico, USA. He has experience in various aspects of business: Finance, M&A, Sales, Marketing in industries such as Software, Marketing and Entertainment.

Tima is the co-founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Impak Finance. Impak is a Canadian and French start-up that has built impak IS², an impact assessment and scoring solution based on leading international standards, notably the Impact Management Project and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • How they came up with the idea of impak finance
  • Moving from a financial economy to an impact economy
  • The concept of impact weighted accounting
  • Matching external and internal values
  • How their scoring system measures is useful for investors

This was a very timely conversation and I’m grateful that Paul and Tima took the time. Their mission is inspiring and they are only just getting started. I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

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