PNR Podcast Episode 7: Patrick Poulin, President Staffing Division @ Randstad Canada

November 11, 2016

On today’s show, we spoke with Patrick Poulin, President of the Staffing division @ Randstad Canada. Patrick manages several hundred people and rose threw the ranks as a junior associate.

We spoke about the following topics:

  • What it takes to succeed as an intrapreneur & the skills are the most useful
  • Randstad Canada’s main business units and how they are growing
  • The recent Monster acquisition and its potential impact
  • The challenges Randstad currently faces around technology and how they are tackling it head up
  • How Patrick plans ahead for the success of the business (hint: he spends time with customers)

Patrick is an impressive individual with a great track record. This show is useful for anyone that is interested in intrapreneurship and the impact of technology on large businesses.

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