PNR Podcast Episode 17: Marc Poirier, CEO @ Acquisio

February 10, 2017

On this week’s episode, we spoke with Marc Poirier, CEO of Acquisio. Marc founded Acquisio over 14 years ago. They started as a digital marketing agency and quickly transitioned to a technology firm. Acquisio has raised over $30M in funding and is widely recognized as one of the leading performance media management platforms globally. I’ve known Marc for many years and I’m a former customer of their platform. His company is one of the true innovators in the space.

On this episode, we spoke about:

  • The origin story of Acquisio
  • Why Marc raised funding and its importance to the business
  • The new product they have launched aiming to help small businesses
  • The tech trends he’s keeping his eye on namely machine learning
  • Montreal as an hub for artificial intelligence

We had a wide-ranging conversation about his company, his entrepreneurial journey and the impact machine learning is having on the industry. I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

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