PNR Platform | April 2022 release notes

April 8, 2022

For this release, our focus was on improving the strategy execution workflow, giving you more chances to personalize your experience and get an in-depth understanding of the platform.

Here are the updates you will find the next time you login:

In-depth understanding of the platform

  • We have added a help center located on the bottom left of your screen and very originally identified as “?” that will help refresh your memory on the platform features. This can be particularly helpful if a new member is joining the team and you don’t have time to give them a full tutorial of the product.



Add tags to priority settings

  • Apparently our definition of what it means for an item to be priority 2 is not universal, but it might also be different within your own team. Therefore, you can now add a description to the priority in the company settings. This can help set a clear definition to the priority. (Ex : P1 = 0-30 days, P1 = Urgent, etc…)


Strategy Execution Improvements

Parking lot items assigned to an Epic

  • During the parking lot phase of a sprint review, items that were assigned to an Epic would completely disappear making it hard to compare items when a second one was similar further down the list. The item assigned to an Epic will now still be visible on that page allowing you to make sure that the list being sent to the backlog has no repeating elements.


Added a new effort option: ∞ (infinity)

  • It is sometimes possible that your backlog items require more effort than the current maximum of 13, and your team does not have the time or to break the item down or you might not be sure of the work that is actually required. This new option will allow you to indicate which items require a lot of work and need to be further broken down into smaller manageable pieces. It has to be noted that item ranked infinity does not bear any actual effort weight and will not affect the statistics by leaving it open or closing it. It is like a placeholder backlog item.


New UX for the initiatives

  • You might have had some difficulty determining the difference between what is an initiative and what is an Epic since they were on the same line and right next to each other in the backlog. This is now no longer the case and they both have their own line. Furthermore, initiatives have a new little logo next to them.


File upload

  • If you completed an amazing deck for a backlog item and want everybody to see it and download it but only have a local version of it, it is now possible to upload files in every backlog item the same way you add a comment. When you add a new attachment, a little attachment icon will appear next to the item.


Pop-up confirmation when starting a sprint

  • A new pop-up has been added at the end of a sprint review as a fail-safe to confirm you want to start your sprint and didn’t click by accident.

Bug fixes

Calendar invites

  • We have finally fixed the bug that would not send invites for the next sprint review when you schedule them. It is now sent automatically to everyone on your team when you start your sprint.


Priority changes

  • When you wanted to change the existing priority of an item, such as changing an item from priority 4 to priority 3, during the “Assign priority” stage of the sprint review, the item would temporarily have no priority and would be sent to the bottom of the backlog list. However, the window would not automatically scroll down to the vote. This has been fixed and our little dedicated scroller has been fired. We’ve hired a new one which seems much better and he will now scroll for you!


We’d love your feedback!

If you have feedback on the platform or questions about the new release, feel free to reach out at