Next generation entrepreneurship with Zach Laberge, Founder & CEO @ Frenter

October 15, 2021

On this week’s show, we spoke with Zach Laberge, Founder & CEO @ Frenter

Zach is the 15-year-old founder and CEO of Frenter. He founded his first startup at the age of 10, an electronics e-commerce startup off Alibaba. At 12 he founded Bernie’s Biscuits, an online dog treat e-commerce startup based on his dog Bernie who had 5k followers on Instagram at the time.

At 14 he founded frenter, an online rental community that has since grown to thousands of users and thousands of items listed in 8 cities across Canada.

He has also founded other startups in the Blockchain, Fashion and Cryptocurrency space all of which he’s learned valuable lessons from that he’s been able to bring into my other business and he’s the youngest founder to join Newchip Accelerator and Propel ICT.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • Why he’s starting companies at an early age
  • His sources of inspiration
  • How he fell in love with the sharing economy
  • Pivoting Frenter and their revised vision

I really enjoyed my conversation with Zach. He’s wise beyond years and I’m excited to follow his journey. I hope that you enjoy the conversation.

Let us know what you think. What types of guests would you like to see on the show? What topics interest you the most? Send me your thoughts at

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