Forget the funnel with Georgiana Laudi, Founder @ A Better CX

March 30, 2018

On this week’s show, we spoke with Georgiana Laudi, Founder @ A Better CX. Gia has been bringing brands, products and campaigns to life for 15 years. As an early employee and the VP of Marketing at Unbounce, she helped grow revenue by 900% in her first 3 years, scale her team from 1 to 35, and go from under $1M to $15.6M in ARR without any major funding. As a strategic advisor at her company A Better CX, she helps high-growth SaaS companies scale their marketing, invest in their team, and drive serious business results. She also runs Forget the Funnel, an online workshop series that helps early-career SaaS marketers become respected leaders.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • How she started her career in digital marketing
  • Joining a high growth startup and the lessons she learned
  • Developing a skill set in SAAS
  • Customer experience is not user experience
  • Her new strategic advisory firm, A Better CX

Gia is rare world class expert in SAAS marketing. Listening to her talk made me realize how much this field has progressed. I hope that you enjoy the conversation.

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