Fighting the great resignation with Lucas Martinez, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @

April 15, 2022

On this week’s show, we spoke with Lucas Martinez, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @

Lucas Martínez is the co-founder and co-CEO of, a job search platform that aims to connect the world to work. The son of Spanish immigrants living in Switzerland, Martínez had the travel bug early in life and was always eager to experience new cultures, people, and places. Before founding, Martínez worked as an ERP consultant as well as in Software Sales in North America, Europe, APAC and the Middle East. During his graduate studies in Geneva, he met his fellow co-founder Maxime Droux, who was already friends with their third partner, Benjamin Philion. Martínez then moved to Montreal in 2011 to start the company with his partners and spent the next ten years growing the business from a small start-up to the global $150M enterprise it is today. Martínez now lives in Barcelona with his wife and three children.

On the show, we spoke about: 

  •’s latest fundraise of $150M
  • Ten years of work to make an overnight success
  • Transforming the job board and recruitment industry 
  • Lucas’ vision for the product 
  • Going after the SMB vs. the enterprise market
  • Approaching everything with a beginner’s mindset 

I’m lucky to have worked with Lucas and his team and I have to say that they are exceptional. I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

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