Using AI to transform recruiting with Julie Hubert, President @ Workland

December 8, 2017

On this week’s show, we spoke with Julie Hubert, President & Founder @ Workland. Julie is an extraordinary woman who took a big leap of faith to start her own company.

Julie Hubert is President and co-founder of Workland, a privately-owned company specializing in recruitment technologies, solutions and services. Atlas is Workland’s innovative SaaS platform dedicated to automating the match between talented professionals and pre-qualified employers looking to hire. Atlas is powered by an artificially intelligent, science-backed matching system, whose mission is to supercharge recruitment productivity, to reduce costs and the time to hire.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Julie always dreamed of starting a company from scratch. So when the opportunity to create a revolutionary technology to transform job search and recruitment came knocking, she quit her prestigious job in marketing to pursue an entrepreneurial project in the fields of HR & IT. A clear vision, determination and the dedication of many talented individuals who chose to follow her in her new mission contributed to bringing the first version of Workland’s technology to life in 2013. Today, Workland has spread its operations across Canada and is starting its entry into the US with a truly unique technology and approach, complimented by an ecosystem of complementary recruitment partners.

We spoke about several topics:

  • How she went from the world of marketing (and all its perks) to starting her own company
  • The biggest challenge when she was in startup mode
  • How Workland uses machine learning to match candidates to potential employers & the KPIs employed
  • Julie’s approach to strategy and her thoughts on emergent strategy
  • Her thoughts about growth and how she approaches funding
  • The future of the HR tech space

Julie has built an impressive company in a very competitive space. I learned a ton, I hope that you do as well.

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