Transforming health care with Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO @ Hexoskin

September 29, 2017

I had a great conversation with Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO @ Hexoskin.

Pierre-Alexandre is an entrepreneur, designer, and co-founder of Hexoskin, the leading smart clothing company for sports, fitness, health and sleep tracking.

Since 2006 with Hexoskin he’s had the chance to work with professional trainers, doctors, health researchers, sport scientists, space scientists, and many other amazing people to develop wearable health sensors and smart clothing that will change the way we take care how our health, and the health of the ones we care about.

Pierre-Alexandre is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know. He’s built a business that has a world-changing mission, improving people’s health.

We dove deep into multiple subjects:

  • How he came up with the idea of Hexoskin
  • The mission of the company and how early they were in the IOT space
  • The progress they’ve made since launching their first product and the opportunities in front of them
  • How he makes decision that impacts the company’s strategy
  • The key trends he’s keeping his eye on
  • What’s next for his company and the industry

Even though I’m an investor in the company, I still learned a ton from our conversation. It’s inspiring to see a company focus on such massive problems. I hope that you enjoy the show.

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