Top articles of the week | September 30th

September 30, 2017

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

Defining Aggregators Stratechery

Ben Thompson’s aggregation theory is an amazing explanation of how the internet has impacted the value chain. In this follow up to his original, he explains how different aggregators behave and how this impacts their business model.

Meet the brain behind Accenture Interactive’s acquisition spree Campaign

This was a great read on how “traditional” consulting firms are encroaching the space of advertising agencies. The man behind this shift at Accenture is Anatoly Roytman; his goal is to create the first experience agency of record.

Million Dollar Babies The Economist

Great read in the Economist about the current AI hiring spree in the academic world. All the tech giants are aggressively going after researchers in the space and the impact can have an adverse effect on entire nations.

The Innovation is the Blockchain L2, Inc

This is a 30 minute YouTube video that actually explains what the blockchain is. It dives into Bitcoin, the blockchain and ICOs (initial coin offerings). I learned a ton from watching it. The real innovation and that has immense value is the blockchain.

Deep dive on the Canadian Venture Capital Ecosystem White Star Capital

In honor of their 10th portfolio investment and Canada’s 150th anniversary, WhiteStar Capital put together a deep dive on the Canadian ecosystem. There are immensely interesting stats in their 35 slide presentation. If you are interested in venture capital at all, you should give it a read.


The Brand Experience Podcast Fred Ranger

I was a guest on Fred Ranger’s podcast (a good buddy). We had a good conversation about strategy and marketing.