Top articles of the week | September 2nd

September 2, 2017

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

How China’s can-do generation will be the engine of growth, both at home and globally South China Morning Post

The number of internet users in China is more than 730 million, as big as the total population of the EU, or twice the population of the US. More than 95 per cent are connected via their smartphones – roughly half a billion use their smartphones to make payments; more than 200 million use them to order food takeaways. This article argues that the generation of connected Chinese consumers are set to dominate the world economy.

Inside GEs Transformation HBR

Great read on how General Electric moved from a classic conglomerate to a technology driven company. The author is the person that led this transformation Jeffrey Immelt. Jeff shares his leadership lessons on what it took to achieve that transformation

Ev Williams on Medium’s Future Nieman Lab

The future of publishing according to Ev Williams is one without ads. The move to an all-in subscription model is extremely interesting from a strategic point of view. Building a direct to reader business model is the future of publishing.

How YouTube Perfected the Feed The Verge

How many YouTube videos do you watch in a day? Have you seen your consumption go up over time? I certainly have. One of the reasons is YouTube’s improvement in its recommendation engine powered by Google Brain. More than 70% of the time spent watching videos is now driven by Google Brain’s AI powered algorithm.

Taking Agile Beyond Software BCG

Agile is starting to move beyond software and the big consulting firms are starting to take notice. The shift to agile requires moving away from silos the article argues. Iteration, quick feedback and leadership are the key.