Top articles of the week | December 2nd

December 2, 2017

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

How to Survive the Media Apocalypse The Atlantic

You might have heard of the recent news of how badly digital media is struggling. 2017 has been a particularly bad year with many announcements of poor financial performance. This Atlantic article provides a really interesting insight into what is occurring (dominance of Google & Facebook, VC funding realities). Their advice: pivot to readers.

Advertising companies struggle to adapt to a new world Fortune

Along similar lines of the above story, advertising agencies are also struggling to keep up with the advertising duopoly. I would argue that advertising agencies in a worse position than media companies because of where they sit in the value chain. Being a middleman is a bad spot to be where your value proposition disappears. I shared a link that will bypass the paywall for the article.

The startups shaping the next wave of AI in Montreal Montreal Gazette

There’s been a lot of buzz around Montreal being a leading artificial research hub. This really good article from the Montreal Gazette showcases the local startups that are behind this accomplishment. I enjoyed this article because it talks about the local startups rather than the big tech giants that garner more of the media attention.

After the end of the startup era Techcrunch

“We live in a new world now, and it favors the big, not the small.” This is the line that stuck out from this article. Jon Evans argues persuasively that the big tech companies cast a dark shroud over startups that make it harder for a big new tech giant to emerge. I don’t necessarily agree with all his points but it’s an interesting point of view.

Great Corporate Strategies Thrive on the Right Amount of Tension Harvard Business Review

The gap between strategy and the execution of that strategy is often referred to as strategic stress. This HBR articles proposes a framework on how an organization can manage its strategic objectives: strategic boredom, strategic sweet spot and strategic burnout. “Your strategy needs a level of stress that requires you to cope with the gap between the plan and its execution.”