Top articles of the week | December 17

December 18, 2016

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

The Great A.I. Awakening NY Times
AI is truly the buzzword of 2016. That being said, Google is one of the companies that can pretend to be at the forefront of the space. This Times piece covers how the company used AI in their translation tool. Long but insightful read.

How Travis Kalanick Is Building The Ultimate Transportation Machine Forbes
Uber is one of those companies that’s inventing the future. Forbes has a pretty good in depth piece on the CEO, Travis Kalanick. The company is spreading in many different directions.

Amazon is secretly building an ‘Uber for trucking’ app Business Insider
Some light reading on Amazon’s potential move into the logistics. There’s a lot of talk about the company’s move in logistics. Where there is smoke, there’s fire?

The state of technology at the end of 2016 Stratechery
Ben Thompson provides a solid analysis on some of the macro trends on the state of tech at the end of the 2016. From fake news, ecommerce and “disruption”, the article covers some interesting ground on how powerful the tech sector has really become.

Episode 12: Vincent-Charles Hodder, CEO @ Local Logic PNR Podcast
We spoke with Vincent, the CEO of Local Logic; the company is a data services company that provides Location Scores, Urban Metrics and Heat Maps to real estate companies and online travel websites. It’s really starting to take off and this was a great chat about the location intelligence space.