Top articles of the week | August 12th

August 12, 2017

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? The Atlantic

I have to admit that I’m completely and utterly addicted to my smartphone, I guess the first step of addiction is acceptance. This Atlantic article is absolutely terrifying. Jean Twenge shows research that indicates smartphone usage is closely linked to decreased happiness & sex drive in teens.

Corporations in the age of inequality HBR

We’re living in a world where technology is exacerbating the power law (winner take all dynamics). Nicholas Bloom argues that this winner take all dynamic is creating a gap winners and everyone else in the corporate world. This is leading to income inequality as a result; winning companies are able to better compensate their employees. This is a great read and a subject that I find infinitely fascinating. Where it is lacking though is in the proposed solutions.

Exponential Laws of Computing Growth Communications of the ACM

It’s the 50 year anniversary of Moore’s law. Does is still apply? This technical article explains how the law works and why it’s such an important insight and its importance on exponential growth.

The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice Wall Street Journal

Do you know what percentage of Google searches is voice-enabled? It was 20% last year. What do you think it is in developing countries? This is a very interesting article from the WSJ about where the future of computer interfaces is headed and how the large technology players are involved.

Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way The Atlantic

Very interesting analysis on how two big tech giants operate in regards to their governance structure. Apple cedes control to shareholders while Google’s founders have more voting rights. So who has the better financial strategy?