Top articles of the week | September 7

September 7, 2019

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

The Atlassian Team Playbook Atlassian (reading time: 15 minutes)

I love how Atlassian created this resource guide for anyone to use. We developed the Team Playbook to transform the way we work. And it has. This ain’t your CEO’s management book. It’s by teams, for teams – any team.

Many of the frameworks in the playbook are quite useful for team productivity.

Where I Think “Agile” is Headed: Where Does Management Fit Rothman Consulting Group (reading time: 12 minutes)

How can teams become more agile? This short post dives into the topic from a management perspective. The concept of flow efficiency and resilience are particularly interesting for a manager. When trying to optimize a team, you have to look at the flow of information between people and not just individuals.

Shopify and the return of the merchant class The Economist (reading time: 6 minutes)

Shopify is not a well kept secret anymore. The company’s value has skyrocketed over the past two years. This piece in the Economist captures the essence of what makes the company special; it’s relentless focus on merchants. The company’s iconic CEO Tobi Lutke was also recently featured in the How I Built this podcast (highly recommend)

La Fin Du Tech Byrne Hobart (reading time: 4 minutes)

This is a short and compelling read. The article examines the lifecycle of a technology company and how these companies deploy capital at each stage. At the end of the cycle, a technology company tries to become a bank

What Is a Tech Company? Stratechery (reading time: 15 minutes)

The question in the title of this article is a highly relevant one. In a day in age where every company is gallivanting around as a technology company, I am a bit skeptical. Ben Thompson provides an insightful of what are the components of a tech company and how WeWork in particular doesn’t exhibit any of those traits.