Top articles of the week | Oct 30

October 30, 2021

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

Beyond Smart Paul Graham (reading time: 6 minutes)

What’s more important than intelligence? Paul Graham argues that being smart isn’t the only factor that counts. Coming up with lots of ideas (even bad ones) can jumpstart success.

Building A “Community-First” Company NFX (reading time: 3 minutes)

I’ve been diving deeper in the whole NFT craze and have to admit that there are some compelling use cases emerging. This post by VC firm NFX discusses the impact that web3-NFTs are having on company building. There is a huge shift towards communities and how it radically changes the way companies can grow.

On this topic, I really enjoyed the latest Tim Ferris podcast focused on web3 and NFTs.

Technology-Governance Fit Emerging (reading time: 12 minutes)

Crypto is libertarian, AI is communist – Peter Thiel

This is one of the better articles that I’ve read on the macro technology trends impacting politics. China is massively investing in AI technologies while the US is weary of centralized power. Crypto has the promise to build decentralized governance but is it already too late?

Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours McKinsey (reading time: 8 minutes)

Employees were far more likely to prioritize relational factors, whereas employers were more likely to focus on transactional ones.

Everyone is talking about their human resource challenges. This McKinsey article highlights some of the reasons for lack of employee engagement and how companies can turn attrition into attraction.

Coordination Headwind Alex Komoroske, Stripe’s head of strategy (reading time: 20 minutes)

Growth investing is fundamentally a bet on two things: leadership and strategy. This is amazing internal document from Stripe’s head of strategy which explains why this is the case. This presentation can help you assess management teams on their ability to overcome the coordination headwind.