Top articles of the week | November 3rd

November 3, 2018

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

The Four Waves of A.I. Fortune

AI is deeply misunderstood in its application and in its short-term potential. I found that this article did an excellent of summarizing the technology without hyperbole. The author (former President of Google China) breaks down the various stages of AI and discusses some of the changes yet to come.

Fireflies and algorithms — the coming explosion of companies Open Corporates

Company incorporation is almost completely a manual and trust-based system. This article by OpenCorporates (an open database of companies in the world) declares that there is a revolution coming when it comes to company formation. Starting a new company will become just as easy as streaming a song. The key tenet? The controlling people behind companies are not people at all, but algorithms.

Digital China: Powering the economy to global competitiveness McKinsey Global Institute

It is well known that China has taken the lead in many ways when it comes to digital technologies. This report by the McKinsey Global Institute demonstrates how China has taken this leadership position. For instance, its growth is phenomenal; China accounted for less than 1 percent of the value of worldwide transactions only about a decade ago; that share is now more than 40 percent. There are some good insights in the full report as well.

Millennials coming of age Goldman Sachs

I don’t consider myself a millennial but I technically fall into that category. The Millennial generation is the largest in US history and as they reach their prime working and spending years, their impact on the economy is going to be huge. There are some very interesting stats including access over ownership, media usage and relationship to brands.

Social Capital, 2018 Annual Letter Social Capital

Saying that Chamath Palihapitiya is outspoken is an understatement. He runs a very unique VC firm called Social Capital, which has been in the news a lot lately. In his first annual letter, Chamath exposes the firm’s vision, his thoughts on the VC industry (#controversy) and the next wave of technological breakthroughs.