Top articles of the week | November 24th

November 24, 2018

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

Intelligent chatbots could automate away nearly all of our commercial interactions — for better or for worse NY Times

We are becoming more accustomed to talking to machines. Even though machines are quite far from passing the Turing test, interactions with machines are improving rapidly. The impact of conversational A.I. on everyday life will be subtle but ubiquitous. Conversational bots will include areas like elderly care but also many commercial interactions.

Rent more than the runway: Why soon, you won’t own any clothes at all Fast Company

Rent The Runway is a company I’ve followed closely for a while. I love their founding story of two female entrepreneurs going at it against all odds. They also have a business model that is well adapted to today’s sharing economy. This articles explores how they are developing new revenue streams and how access to data is enticing brands to sign up.

Why Did SAP Just Spend $8bn on Qualtrics? James Allworth

I’ve always respected SAP, the German giant. A majority of the world’s commercial transactions are processed through their systems. Their acquisition of Qualtrics is an extremely interesting one in the world of enterprise software. It’s part of the growing trend of customer experience management; which is helping businesses focus on what matters most, their customers.

Agile won the war but lost the peace Allan Kelly Associates

This is an interesting take on the rise of Agile. The author posits that while Agile methods have gained popularity, they have become watered down. The original promise of Agile is not came to pass. It still shows

The end of the beginning Benedict Evans, a16z

Please take 24 minutes and watch this video. I thoroughly enjoyed Ben Evans view of the world through a technology prism. His talk focuses on how we are now entering the end of the beginning. Now that everyone is connected globally, more traditional industries are being impacted by the incessant technological progress we are experiencing.