Top articles of the week | November 10th

November 10, 2018

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

The Skimm Brains The Cut

As media continues to fragment, there are more & more opportunities for “niche” publications to succeed. While niche is an understatement when you can reach millions of people. A great example is Skimm, a daily newsletter targeted towards millennial women with over 7 million subscribers. It’s a great example of the future (or present) of media will look like and the way they are winning.

Uber’s Secret Restaurant Empire Bloomberg

This is a quick read on the meteoric rise of Uber Eats and the impact ride sharing has had on the restaurant business. Using Uber’s technology and its fleet of drivers, the company is able to tackle the growing segment of food delivery globally.

A Fork in the Road for Avis Fortune

I always liked Avis’ slogan of trying harder. Being number in their market three really does push the company to experiment and takes more risks. This article in Fortune exposes their investment in technology and in particular self-driving. Their partnership with Waymo is particularly interesting and denotes a potential future where the car industry will move to a fleet model.

The 12 Stages Of The Agile Transformation Journey Forbes

Steve Denning explains the necessary steps for an agile transformation. It’s a good high level read on what it takes for an organization to transform its processes. While I don’t agree that some of these points are related to agility, they are nonetheless good practices to consider.

The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup’s metrics Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen originally coined the term “growth hacking” so it’s no surprise that he still masters the subject. He created a detailed deck that shows what investors look for in a startup’s metrics, particularly around growth. Marketing has changed and this post demonstrates just how technical is has become.


A Guide To Corporate Innovation: 19 Strategies To Drive Innovation Now CB Insights

It’s not April Fools but this hilarious article from CB Insights pokes fun at “corporate innovation”. My favorite rule: Take someone who has plateaued in their career and give them “innovation” – Nothing shows your commitment to growth and innovation like taking someone the whole organization knows isn’t that great and putting them in charge of your very important innovation efforts.