Top articles of the week | March 9

March 9, 2019

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

Amazon Alexa and the Search for the One Perfect Answer Wired

The way we search for information is changing. We no longer expect a series of ten blue links but rather an instant answer to our query. The tech giants are each building their own knowledge graph. Google in particular delivers instant answers and this often hurts small publishers.

The command that big tech companies have over the dissemination of information, particularly in the era of voice computing, raises the specter of Orwellian control of knowledge.

This article highlights the fact that most organizations cannot depend too heavily on other companies like the technology giants too heavily.

The Counter-Industrial Revolution Leading Edge Forum

We are not in a fourth industrial revolution. We are moving towards an economy of intangible assets with computerized information, innovative property and economic competencies. The article eloquently argues that we must understand the differences between the two types of economies. Organizational strategy will be different based on the understanding of these building blocks.

Markets Are Eating The World Ribbon Farm

I thoroughly enjoyed this article by Taylor Pearson on Ribbon Farm. It touches upon a question that’s been bouncing around in my head lately, how can technology help solve huge coordination problems? The article starts with the premise that many predicted the breakup of the corporation with the rise of the internet. The author highlights the increased capabilities to coordinate across human history. He also introduces the concept of “coordination scalability”

It’s easier to become an Uber driver than a cab driver, and an Airbnb host than a hotel owner. It’s easier to get your product into Amazon than Walmart. It’s easier to advertise your small business on Yelp, Google or Facebook than on a billboard, radio or TV. He finally concludes with the next wave, blockchain markets.

The Era of AI Kai-Fu Lee, Upfront Summit

I recently read Kai-Fu Lee’s fantastic book, AI Superpowers. This 24 minute video summarizes how he thinks about the eras of AI and the era we are headed into. He explains what makes China technological progress so remarkable and what to watch out for in the coming five years.

The Myths and Realities of Business Ecosystems MIT Management Review

In annual reports, the term ecosystem occurs 13 times more frequently now than it did a decade ago. But what exactly are ecosystems and how should an organization approach them? This is great tear down of what ecosystems mean and how to apply ecosystems thinking.


Change Management in High-Growth Firms PNR Insights

My colleague Antoine wrote a great piece on change management in high growth firms. He conducted extensive research on the matter and presented the challenges faced by high growth firms and how leaders can help companies mature through these changes.