Top Articles of the week | Mar 5

March 5, 2022

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!


Tokenomics 101: The Basics of Evaluating Cryptocurrencies       Nat Eliason  (reading time: 11 minutes)

An important new part of crypto is the underlying economic incentives, commonly referred to as tokenomics. Nat Eliason does a great job of explaining the basic mechanics to noobs like myself.  The economic incentives themselves are not a radical idea. What’s cool is that we’re at the dawn of the application of this model in a multitude of industries.

Walmart, But for Space      The New Atlantis  (reading time: 16 minutes)

This is another article that peers into the near future. The space race last summer received a lot of unwarranted criticism in my view. The innovation in space flight is bringing about an exponential reduction in costs which in turn massively increases the addressable market. This is not measured in decades but in years. 

Shopify’s Evolution Stratechery  (reading time: 21 minutes)

In his usual style, Ben Thompson provides an excellent update on Shopify. The company is set to increase its investments in building out its fulfillment infrastructure. Ben spots another huge opportunity, an advertising network. 

Minsky Moments in Venture Capital Abraham Thomas  (reading time: 16 minutes)

Boon and bust cycles are well known in the public markets. Can the same apply to venture capital in the private markets? Abraham Thomas does a great job of explaining the mechanics of the VC industry and what can possibly trigger a downward spiral.

The Professionalization of Startups Investing 101  (reading time: 11 minutes)

I’ve always believed that the free flow of information was a net positive for the world. In the case of technology companies, we are seeing a rapid expansion of the size & scale of the entire industry. Kyle Harrison gives a good glimpse into how the industry has grown so rapidly using product led growth. The approach is the main go to market strategy for most tech companies.