Top Articles of the week | Mar 19

March 19, 2022

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

What End of Advantage? Roger Martin  (reading time: 8 minutes)

I like articles that challenge my existing assumptions. There is a general consensus that competitive advantage is more & more challenging to obtain due to technological innovations. Roger Martin argues that simply isn’t the case. If you look at the top companies of the world today, the birth of their competitive advantage is decades old. My counter argument is that looking only at the largest companies by market cap doesn’t take into consideration the myriad of SMBs & startups battling it out below.

The Unbundling of Venture Capital Kyle Harrison  (reading time: 15 minutes)

A core principle of the internet is that it has radically altered how we think about information and control. Building a brand in the case of a VC firm is no exception. With solo capitalists on the rise, the very conception of the “firm” is not what it used to be. This post by Kyle Harrison explains the phenomenon brilliantly. 

The Current Thing Stratechery   (reading time: 10 minutes)

In other words, centralization is a second order effect of decentralization: when all constraints on content are removed, more power than ever accrues to the entity that is the preferred choice for navigating that content; moreover, that power compounds on itself in a virtuous feedback loop.

If you spend some time on Twitter, you realize that there is always a new trendy cause to talk about (hence the term virtue signaling). Ben Thompson analyzes how the fall of gatekeepers has given rise to a new form of centralization – one of ideas. 

10 Lessons from Great Businesses The Generalist   (reading time: 15 minutes)

I’ve often eschewed top 10 lists and oversimplification of business success. I’m making an exception in this case given the relevance of these 10 lessons. Mario Gabriele from The Generalist shares some great lessons from ten companies. These are great to keep in mind as you’re thinking about your company’s strategic priorities. 

Leaders Don’t Have to Choose Between Compassion and Performance Harvard Business Review  (reading time: 8 minutes)

This article is a good reminder on the importance of compassion and empathy. It’s particularly challenging with remote work cultures so it can’t be an afterthought for leaders. The topic needs to be on the top of boardroom agendas and time being allocated to it.