Top articles of the week | June 30th

June 30, 2018

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

How An IPO Really Works Forbes

I’ve always wondered how an IPO really works in the background. This Forbes piece provides some interesting insight into the mechanics behind the scenes; from the pre-prep, roadshow and to IPO.

Why the Future will Require Mesh Governance Techonomy

Companies and governments in legacy formats rely on traditional hierarchies to control and distribute power. But after initial resistance, we are now seeing both companies and governments migrate towards network architectures and decentralization. As computing moves towards the edges, so will decision making. This article provides an interesting blueprint for governance and aligning the common good.

Lessons from Sonali de Rycker (Accel) Tren Griffin, 25 iq

Tren Griffin has been writing a weekly blog post for years now and there are always great reads. Recently, he did a deep dive on Sonali de Rycke, a general partner at Accel Capital.

Your job is to run as fast as you can towards the cliff. My job [as CEO] is to move the cliff. That cliff can take the form of things like running out of cash or not having the right people to take the business to the next stage.

Amazon: The Brand Buster NY Times

One can argue that the very notion of a “brand” will be challenged by Amazon. For the time being, very real brands are confronted with Amazon’s supremacy. Sure, what they do sounds a lot like having a private label. Yet there is a difference that makes Amazon’s advantage significant.

Alibaba v. Tencent: The Battle for Supremacy in China Fortune

The two largest technology companies in China are increasingly fighting on each other’s turf. Fortune does a great job of explaining how these companies work and where they are starting to encroach on their respective businesses. Alibaba is similar to Ebay rather than Amazon in their approach with a focus on payments. Tencent is similar to a gaming publisher with a wildly popular app WeChat that is also starting to get into payments. It’s a great read about these giants and in many ways a portal into where the internet is headed in the future.