Top articles of the week | July 21st

July 21, 2018

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

At Initialized Capital, Odd Couple Alexis Ohanian And Garry Tan Look To Do VC Differently Forbes

Great insider read on the world of venture capital from the perspective of one of it’s newer members, Initialized Capital. Founders Alexis Ohanian (of Reddit fame) and Garry Tan built a small VC firm but with some massive wins (Coinbase, Instacart and the list goes on). It’s an interesting read on how a fund gets started and how squiggly the path to success is.

What GE’s Board Could Have Done Differently Harvard Business Review

GE’s struggles are well documented and have been covered before in this newsletter. An aspect that has been overlooked is the board’s role (or lack thereof) during the critical period of decline. Management’s role has been explained thoroughly but what about governance? The author covers the measures the board should have taken on, particularly more rigor with their financial auditing.

Letter from Shenzhen Logic Mag

“When I get back to San Francisco, I joke with people that I have not traveled in China — I have time-traveled.” China’s technological progress is starting to get recognition in the west but beyond the fancy high tech developments we hear about, it’s the ubiquity that is the most striking. This article explores how cell phones have (and the Chinese tech giants behind them) have overtaken every day life even in the most rural parts of the country.

AI & AGI Current Implications & Future Trends D.Scott Phoenix, CEO Vicarious

I thoroughly enjoyed this video due to its simple explanation of what AI is today and how truly far we are from generalized artificial intelligence. It’s 33 minutes long and gets into some fundraising/recos towards the 23rd minute. The Q/A at the end is interesting to watch as well.

Hell for Elon Musk Is a Midsize Sedan Bloomberg

Disclosure: we are a bunch of Elon Musk fans at the office. This Bloomberg piece covers the strategic issues facing the company and how Elon has confronted them head on. There’s been a lot of coverage on the manufacturing challenges of the company and the article discusses them well but also covers worker safety, financial and image issues.


The strategic importance of customer experience PNR Blog

Check out uur latest blog post on the importance of customer experience on our blog and why we think it’s a core strategic imperative for every company.