Top articles of the week | January 5

January 5, 2019

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

How the Artificial-Intelligence Program AlphaZero Mastered Its Games New Yorker

I highly recommend the Netflix documentary on AlphaGo. Deepmind, owned by Google, beat the Go world champion and was watched by over a hundred million people. This great piece in the New Yorker gives more insight on how these programs learn.

A New Educational Paradigm for the Digital Revolution Carlota Perez

Carlota Perez wrote the book on technological revolutions, literally. In this video, she explains that we’re currently living in the fifth technology revolution. She also provides guidelines on what societal changes need to be considered particularly around education.

Does AI make strong tech companies stronger? Benedict Evans

Machine learning is probably the most important fundamental trend in technology today. In his latest article, Benedict Evans explains how machine learning works and how companies are looking at the technology. He posits that over time, it will simply fade into the background.

See No Evil Miriam Posner

Global supply chains are incredibly complex. It’s been said that it’s almost impossible to guarantee a “slave free product”. This article explains just how complex supply chains are. The current software leader in this space is SAP, the german giant. Ms. Posner explores what kinds of software might add more transparency and efficiency to these complex systems. This was a fascinating article.

8 Forecasts For The Future Scott Belsky

Future looking articles are all the rage at the start of every year. I did particularly enjoy this one from Scott Belsky (founder of Behance). He offers predictions, pretty accurately in my opinion, on many different fields that are not science fiction anymore.

Bonus: What we learned in our fourth year PNR Blog

As we finished our fourth year in operations, I put down a few thoughts on what we learned and what we’re looking forward to in the next year.