Top Articles of the Week | Feb 12

February 13, 2022

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

Digital Advertising in 2022      Stratechery  (reading time: 20 minutes)

On the Internet, the journey is increasingly compressed into a single impression: you see an ad on Instagram, you click on it to find out more, you login with Shop Pay, and then you wonder what you were thinking when it shows up at your door a few days later.

I’ve believed for a long time that traditional advertising will morph and will be a sub-segment of digital advertising – thus understanding digital advertising is a key skill for every company today. 

Ben Thompson provides a great update on where the industry sits today. There are some big updates, notably Apple ATT changes, Amazon’s recent earnings, Google’s dominance and Facebook’s headwinds. 

The Economics of Data Businesses     Abraham Thomas  (reading time: 21 minutes)

I dislike the expression data is the new oil. It’s overused and doesn’t convey any meaningful insights. Yet, data businesses are incredibly powerful. This is the first article by Abraham Thomas, a Toronto based angel investor and tech entrepreneur. He brilliantly breaks down how data businesses start, grow and become unstoppable.

Crypto Reading      Dan Romero  (reading time: 15 minutes)

This is a great list of crypto related articles dated by year. There are the quintessential articles like the Bitcoin whitepaper and intros to Ethereum as well as newer pieces written this year. 

Company-Building Cornerstones Every Founder Needs to Focus On     First Round  (reading time: 22 minutes)

Despite the overabundance of information, good advice is hard to come by. This post by Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of Hubspot is littered with applicable advice. My favorite is having an annual review for founders and treating it like a product review. 

Joy and Competitiveness in Culture       Ravi Gupta   (reading time: 5 minutes)

Culture is the unwritten contract with your team. Here’s what matters to us. Here’s what will endure even if everything else changes. You should only put things in it that you will honor no matter what.

Yes, we all know the saying that culture eats strategy for breakfast. This article really makes me believe that it’s true. There is nothing as important for a founder/CEO to define than their culture.