Top articles of the week | December 22

December 22, 2018

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

AI Transformation Playbook Andrew Ng

AI technology is now poised to transform every industry, just as electricity did 100 years ago. Between now and 2030, it will create an estimated $13 trillion of GDP growth. Andrew Ng, an AI pioneer at Google and Baidu shares a great playbook on how to approach this transformative technology. While it does remain high level, it’s become important for every organization to start taking concrete actions – and learning along the way.

Consumer startups are awesome Andrew Chen, a16z

VC firms have become really good at content marketing. a16z has been leading the way in this regard. In this article, Andrew Chen exposes his thoughts on consumer startups and the lens through which he views them. He also exposes his thoughts on the next big platforms. Here is another really good recent article on network effects.

This Investor Wants to Revolutionize Private Equity. Is He Crazy? Institutional Investor

Quant strategies in the public markets have long been used. Ryan Caldbeck wants to bring quant investing to the private sphere. Caldbeck leads CircleUp, a private equity firm, with a mission of reinventing the traditional model. It’s still early days and it’s unclear whether the machine or the human is making the call. This is another great example of algorithms eating the world.

The Yoda of Silicon Valley NY Times

I thoroughly enjoyed this bio in the Times. Donald Knuth is the spiritual leader of the algorithm and a computer scientist at Stanford. His work “The Art of Computer Programming” is a continuing book, which represents his life’s work. More than anything, he is a teacher that changed student’s lives as well as a giant in computer science.

The End of the Ad-Supported Web Julien Genestoux

What if the default business model of the web was not advertising? This argument has come up recently in conversations I’ve had and is one discussed in this article. There is a deep misalignment of interests between content creators, platforms and advertisers; and the problem is only getting worse. Mr. Genestoux articulates this idea well. However, there aren’t any solutions proposed. The most interesting ones I’ve heard are coming from the crypto world like the Brave browser.