Top articles of the week | April 20

April 20, 2019

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!

The World’s Fastest Man Comstock

I enjoyed this short bio on C.C. Myers, a construction guru known for finishing projects ahead of schedule. They don’t focus on company values or other “corporate buzzwords”. They have an obsession with speed, a merit-based focus on people, and the jet-fuel that powers it all — C.C. Myers’ larger-than-life personal brand. The power of incentives is another key part of the story.

Here’s What You Need To Know To Compete In An Ecosystem Driven World Digital Tonto

Ever since Michael Porter’s groundbreaking work in Competitive Strategy, value chains have become an integral part competitive dynamics. The author of this post argues that an important new component has emerged which adds to Porter’s work, ecosystems.

Ecosystems are best understood as networks of networks. What’s most important about networks is that they are driven by links not nodes, so the most important network activity is connection. Networks are dynamic, always evolving, not static.

Fast strategy needs fast execution BCG

This is a great post on the importance of fast execution. In an increasingly technologically driven world, tying strategy to execution is paramount. This is something our firm has been talking about for a while. This article provides some great guidelines and strategic benefits of speed.

This is Africa’s ambitious free trade plan, mapped World Economic Forum

Africa is trying to become the next European Union with a free trade zone among its 55 countries. This short post provides background on the trade agreement and how one country is potentially endangering it.

Meet the woman behind Amazon’s explosive growth FastCompany

Beth Galetti is the most powerful woman at Amazon. As head of HR globally, she reports directly to the CEO. Unlike other HR execs, she doesn’t actually have a background in that field. She’s currently overseeing the massive growth of the company and hiring hundred of people a day! This post in FastCompany looks at the inner workings of Amazon’s hiring practice (controversies and all) and shares insights into the strategy the company is employing to attract & retain its talent.


The real reason Boeing’s new plane crashed twice Vox

This six minute video explains succinctly the real reasons behind the recent airline tragedies. It was driven by competitive strategy and poor implementation of software/technology to counter AirBus.