Tech for Good EP#04 | Mastering our sleep with Bradley Smith, CEO & Founder @ Haleo Health

August 12, 2022

On this week’s show, we spoke with Bradley Smith, CEO & Founder @ Haleo Health.

HALEO is a healthcare provider with a mission to improve health and performance by increasing access to quality care for poor sleep. Our virtual specialty care clinic provides professional, clinically proven solutions for sleep disorders and is accessible through a mobile app. Our services help organizations increase productivity, safety and retention by helping their employees sleep better. Our vision is to provide significantly improved quality of care and clinical outcomes for millions of people worldwide experiencing sleep disorders. We are achieving this by developing novel, clinically proven personalized treatment protocols administered by healthcare professionals, supported by AI and delivered cost-effectively and at scale using a virtual care model.

We spoke about: 

  • The state of sleep today 
  • How their virtual care model improves patient outcomes 
  • Innovating on their business model to become mobile
  • Building a subscription model 
  • Raising a round and their growth ambitions

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