Point of No Return with Jean-François Leduc, Co-Founder & Partner @ The PNR | EP#247

June 27, 2023

On this week’s show, we spoke with  Jean-François Leduc, Co-Founder &  Partner @ The PNR

JF is an entrepreneur, executive, lawyer and angel investor. Formerly partner of one of the largest agencies in Canada, he was initially Chief Revenue Officer, then Head of Corporate Development. Following a few years of revenue and profit growth, he eventually managed all steps leading to the acquisition of the company by Dentsu-Aegis Media – a world leading advertising company. Previously, JF spent many years with Yahoo!, leading business development across Quebec and negotiating advertising agreements with many key clients. JF used to practice corporate and Internet law for Gesca, Power Corporation’s multimedia group and several law firms in Europe. These days, most of his time is spent with shareholders and management teams of fast growing companies focusing on corporate strategy, based on agility, in order to accelerate execution.

On the show, we spoke about: 

  • How JF and Nectar met 
  • Starting Point of No Return together
  • The ups and downs of running a small business
  • How PNR innovated with its consulting model and software
  • Lessons learned after 8 years

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