PNR signs multi-year partnership with Mondou

April 16, 2016

PNR is proud to announce a partnership with Mondou, Quebec’s leading pet retailer for the past 70 years. PNR’s mandate is to help drive deep digital transformation for the company and increase velocity. The objective of the multiyear partnership is to take accelerate eCommerce market penetration, in-store & digital sales through North America The project will focus on ecommerce, new business models and market expansion.

“Mondou was looking for a partner to not only help with our digital strategic planning but also work hand and hand with our team. By partnering with PNR over the long term, we ensure that both our teams will work together towards a common goal. Finding a partner that is aligned and incentivized on shared performance is extremely important for us” said Martin Deschene, managing director of Mondou.

“Innovation is very important for Mondou. We needed a partner that would be directly embedded with our team and strive towards elevating our digital IQ. We need to serve Mondou’s customers across all touchpoints, PNR understands the dynamics between the web and other channels. “ said Diane Belisle, director of marketing of Mondou.

As customers continues to shop across all channels, Mondou is better positioned to seamlessly serve them with a clear plan and strategic partner along their side. By employing an agile approach, Mondou is better equipped to adapt to constantly changing market realities.