PNR Q2 Insights | Doubling down on strategy execution

July 11, 2022

It’s been a busy year for us so far. With the pandemic hopefully in the rear view mirror, many organizations are starting to ask themselves, do we have the right plan? What will it take to execute our plan? How can we execute the plan given the lack of talent in the market? 

Given this new reality, we’ve been doubling down on strategy execution. Not only is it our unique advantage on the market, it’s also a fundamental challenge all companies face. 

We continue to invest in our software platform with an important update in the past quarter. For this release, our focus was on improving the strategy execution workflow, giving our customers more chances to personalize their experience and get an in-depth understanding of the platform. 

Our focus for the next quarter is diving deeper into how we quantify the workload for executing a strategy. The challenge we faced from customers is that the agile methodology can be imprecise. Given that these items are strategic in nature, they contain a high degree of uncertainty and thus are upstream from OKRs for instance. 

Agile is used in order to break down a strategic objective into backlogs, each item is ranked using the fibonacci sequence. A score of 13 on a backlog item might not reflect the actual workload required to complete an item. This makes it difficult to plan resources ahead of time, especially for a busy executive. We are exploring how to expand the score to more accurately reflect workload and adjust the execution plan accordingly. 

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