PNR Podcast: Episode 5: Beatrice Couture, General Manager @ Innocité MTL

October 28, 2016

On this episode, we had a great conversation with Beatrice Couture, General Manager at InnoCité MTL. InnoCité MTL is the 1st smart city startup accelerator in Canada. Prior to InnoCité, she gained a solid experience with municipal sales and infrastructure project management as a team member of BIXI business development team managing the bike share system implementation in major Canadian and American cities. Follow InnoCité MTL on Facebook.

On this show we spoke about:

  • How she made the move from the legal world to the world of tech startups
  • InnoCité MTL and its mission
  • Current state of smart cities and other areas in the world to watch
  • How she helps her cohort focus on their priorities
  • Her biggest challenge in getting more qualified startups to apply and what she’s doing about it

Beatrice is a super smart and on the path to building something really impressive. I hope that you enjoy the chat!

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