PNR Podcast: Episode 4: Patrick Gagne, Chief of product @ Teo Taxi

October 21, 2016

On today’s episode, we spoke with Patrick Gagné, partner and chief of product at Teo Taxi. Patrick is a serial entrepreneur and was part of Teo Taxi at its inception. Teo is fighting against the solo driver in the urban environment.

We had an amazing conversation that covered

  • The transport industry and key trends
  • Teo’s competitive advantage in the market
  • Teo’s USP: parking permit token allocation
  • Profitability and unit economics of electric vehicles
  • Tip for CEOS: lean startup methodology that helped kickstart Teo’s growth (hint: validation works)

It was an interesting conversation that touched upon not only the transportation industry but also the importance of a strong customer focus.

Enjoy the chat!

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