PNR Podcast Episode 32: Liesl Barrell, Co-Founder @ Third Wunder

June 16, 2017

On this week’s show, we spoke with Liesl Barrell, Co-Founder @ Third Wunder

Third Wunder is a digital agency specializing in marketing for brands looking to change and disrupt how they do business. They’ve worked on multiple award-winning projects in social media, digital strategy, search, integrated marketing; they’ve launched B2C, B2B and e-commerce sites, planning online campaigns for Canadian, US and international brands.

She has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and seasoned public speaker, writer and passionate community leader for women in technology.

We spoke about the following:

  • The origin of the name ThirdWunder and third culture kids
  • How being a constant outsider has helped her career in digital marketing
  • The work they do at their agency and the need for constant adaptation
  • Why it’s ok to sometimes fire clients
  • Her concerns about the singularity and workforce displacement
  • Her involvement with MTL girl geeks

I love Liesl’s passion about the marketing space and her knowledge on just about everything. I hope that enjoy the show!

Let us know what you think. What types of guests would like to see on the show? What topics interest you the most? Send me your thoughts at

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