PNR Podcast Episode 22: JF Marcoux, General Partner @ WhiteStar Capital

March 31, 2017

On this week’s show, we spoke with JF Marcoux , General Partner @ White Star Capital. Jean-Francois has 20 years of experience in managing start-ups and investment projects. He was the co-founder of Ludia which was acquired in late 2010 by Fremantle Media, a leading global TV producer. Prior to co-founding Ludia, JF held senior positions in mergers and acquisitions, financing and venture capital.

We spoke about

  • WhiteStar’s global approach and how they help their portfolio
  • Why not focusing on Silicon Valley makes sense
  • JF’s insistence on focusing on fewer opportunities but going deep
  • They were an early investor in Dollar Shave Club #InstantCredibility
  • Their Medium blog
  • Companies in their portfolio worth checking out Freshly, KeyMe, Mnubo

White Star Capital flies a bit below the radar but they have a darn impressive track record. I really enjoyed this conversation and learned a lot from a great investor.

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