Platform release notes | Q3 2022

August 23, 2022

For this release, our focus was on improving the user-experience and the visual understanding of your plan.

Here are the updates you will find the next time you login:

Global view of your strategic plan

The epic completion rate in the statistics tab has been redesigned to now allow a global view of your plan. This allows you to not only see the completion rate of each epic, but also each initiative individually. 

User experience

Backlog item creator’s name

To accelerate the parking lot step of the sprint review, we have added the name of the person who created the item next to its description. This information will also be provided when you expand a backlog item by clicking on it.

Sprint duration and planning end date


You are now able to edit your sprint duration. For the moment, three options are available: monthly (default), bi-weekly and weekly. You can also now freely change your strategic planning end date. Both of these settings can be edited in the “company profile” tab.



You are all doing an amazing job, and we want to make sure you remember it. We have added a little congratulations at the end of a sprint review. Take the time to celebrate and enjoy your successes!

We’d love your feedback!

If you have feedback on the platform or questions about the new release, feel free to reach out at platform@thepnr.com.