Multidisciplinary investing with Marina Cortes, Venture Partner @ Hike Ventures

January 8, 2021

On this week’s show, we spoke with Marina Cortes, Venture Partner @ Hike Ventures

Marina is a multilingual professional equipped with a background in health research and a unique skill-set acquired through her experience in Consulting and Venture Capital. She started her career in healthcare investment, had the opportunity to work with BDC Capital and later joined an advisory team, wherein she notably advised private companies on IPO dual listing (HKEX, NYSE) and due diligence M&A buyer side. Meanwhile maintaining key investors relations throughout her career, she gained a keen interest for VC fundraising and LP relations and advised several LPs and GPs on VC/PE fundraising in North America and Asia. Marina has a strong passion for VC fund operations, investors relations, and enjoys helping startups and organizations expanding to international markets.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • Her multidisciplinary background
  • Early vs. later stage investing
  • Getting into VC
  • Diversity and inclusion in investing
  • Hike VC portfolio companies
  • Cool new technology companies

I had a blast talking to Marina and learning from her. Our discussion re-invigorated my interest for early stage technology companies. I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

Let us know what you think. What types of guests would like to see on the show? What topics interest you the most? Send me your thoughts at

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