Learning from mistakes with Antony Diaz, Founder @ Uvolt

September 19, 2017

On this week’s show, we spoke with Antony Diaz, Founder @ Uvolt.

Antony is an entrepreneur who is passionate about clean energy, artificial intelligence and uses technology to empower change. He’s open to learn from your experience, share mine and take new opportunities that will improve people’s lives.

He founded Uvolt at 17 that seeks to make clean energy more practical and more accessible through consumer products. Their first product, the Uvolt Watch, will let consumers harvest solar power and wireless energy to charge a compact power bank, which is easily removable and can be plugged directly into a phone

This episode was a bit different for me. Instead of talking about success, we spoke about failure. Antony’s Uvolt project has been put on hold recently. We had an insightful conversation about:

  • What he learned from the mistakes of the project
  • The many positives gained from the experience
  • The interesting technology used in Uvolt
  • A new project he founded focused on education in Columbia
  • Why he’s excited about clean tech, education and health care

Despite the recent drawbacks, Antony is set for a stellar career. He was quite open in sharing his experiences. I learned a ton and I hope that you do as well.

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