Learning languages with Ara Ghougassian, Co-Founder @ Fluent

June 18, 2021

On this week’s show, we spoke with Ara Ghougassian, Co-Founder @ Fluent. His website is beautiful and the product itself is even better. Every language platform on the planet focuses on teaching you a new language by using the same, worn-out methods. With Fluent, you’re constantly learning words that you actually care about and want to use for your daily life. They are currently available in French as a Chrome Extension and plan on expanding to other languages in the near future. Ara did an incredible job of seeing a problem and then solving it.

Fluent is a chrome extension that helps you practice new languages while you browse the web. We translate select English words on the websites you’re already reading to a new language of your choice.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • His entrepreneurial journey to co-founding Fluent
  • The concept of immersive learning
  • Why being privacy first matters
  • Competition in their space
  • Building an operating system for language learning

Ara has infectious enthusiasm and energy. Even though they are just getting started, I wouldn’t bet against them. I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

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