Lean marketing with Beth Thouin, VP Marketing @ Acquisio

April 20, 2018

On this week’s show, we spoke with Beth Thouin, VP Marketing @ Acquisio. She is a speaker, mentor, and marketing-hired-gun for startups and tech companies with a current position as VP Marketing for Montreal’s premier ad management platform, Acquisio. In the world of marketing, she believes in two fundamental principles: your ‘why’ and process. With 10+ years in traditional and digital marketing, she brings her expertise in customer development and validation to startups, so that together they build and test acquisition strategies, channels and messaging to create repeatable and scalable businesses.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • How she started her career in marketing
  • The switch from traditional to digital
  • Her lean startup approach applied to marketing
  • How she uses daily standups and Slack at Acquisio
  • How Acquisio uses machine learning to optimize campaigns
  • Beth’s personal experience with sexual harassment in the tech industry – also highlighted in this MTL in Technology article

Beth is a very good friend and this podcast was a good excuse to catch up with her. We had a deep conversation about harassment in the tech space, how’s she coped with it and the necessary conversation needed. I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

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