Investing in our software platform | November 2021 Release

November 2, 2021

This release, our focus is on improving the user experience and on helping you define and execute your strategy.

Here are some updates you will find the next time platform users login:

User Experience

Analytics improvements

  • We have added a “Statistics” tab that will help you brag about your performance. In this tab, you can find interesting information such as your yearly plan completion, Epic completion, Priority completion and past Sprint details. You can also go back and see prior years planning details. We have worked hard on this feature, so go try it out and use it! We’d love your feedback on improving it.

Hide third-party participants

  • You have 5 people on your team yet see 8 people on the dashboard. Something is not adding up! We have noticed that the presence of third party participants might be confusing, so you now have the option to hide people from the Dashboard and Reviews. This will help you focus only on your and your teammates’ tasks.

Progression counter in the Strategic Planning, Sprint Review and End of Year Review

  • You need a coffee but are not sure how much time is left in the strategic planning session? You can now look at a progression counter on the top right of the screen. It will be present during a Strategic Planning, Sprint Review and End of Year review. For each section, it tells you how much work is left, such as 3 votes out of 7.

Change the type of Review during Next Sprint

  • While setting up the Next Sprint, you now have the possibility to specify the type of Review that will be done, whether it’s a Sprint or End of Year Review.

Strategy Definition and Execution

Improved Backlog and Initiatives sorting during Backlog Grooming

  • During Backlog Grooming, Set Weight and Assign Priority, the backlog is now sorted by priority instead of the order of creation. This will make the backlog grooming process more impactful.

Move an item from the Backlog to the Parking Lot

  • You can move an item that was in the Backlog to the Parking Lot at any moment. This will help you remove items that aren’t relevant for your current Epics but need to be kept in mind for the future.

Push an item directly to your Sprint Planning

  • We changed the behavior of the Push to Sprint action. When you click on Push to my Sprint, you won’t have to go through an assignment window, it will directly assign it to you. You can always Change Owner by clicking on the three dots of an item that is in the current Sprint. Administrator and Observer will have access to both Push to my Sprint and Push to Sprint (to assign an item to someone else).

Add, remove or change the order of Epics

  • You can now add, remove or modify the order of an Epic at all times without having to start a new strategic planning. However, the criterias for Epics creations are still in place which means you need a minimum of 3 Epics and a maximum of 5 at all times. This should help your team adapt a lot faster to an evolving environment.