Entrepreneurial succession with JF Renaud, Partner & Co-Founder @ Adviso

June 28, 2020

On this week’s show, we spoke with JF Renaud, Partner & Co-Founder @ Adviso. Jean-François Renaud is a partner and co-founder at Adviso. He is in charge of the development and branding of the company. His major contribution to the company includes developing partnerships with major national and international clients in a variety of industries, including retail, travel and tourism, manufacturing, and business services. Adviso’s major clients now include the National Bank of Canada, Reitmans, Aldo, Air Canada, Cirque du Soleil and LasikMD.

Jean-François has been teaching Electronic Commerce at HEC Montreal for over 10 years, is an Expert Coach at the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, and is also the official trainer for Quebec’s Google Partner Academy. He is also a regular guest in Canadian media as well as digital business publications.

He completed a Business Administration degree and an M.Sc. in Electronic Commerce at HEC Montreal.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • Getting his start in digital marketing in early days of the web
  • Growing Adviso and working with Canada’s largest brands
  • How adaptability is the 10X skill necessary to succeed
  • The concept of entrepreneurial succession and how he plans on selling his company to his employees
  • Becoming a manager versus an entrepreneur
  • How having a quarterly focus is the enemy of long-term thinking
  • Adviso’s blog

I admire JF and his team enormously. As usual, I left inspired after talking to him. I hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

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