Beyond gaming and ecommerce with Ralph Van Coillie, Managing Director Ecommerce @ Ubisoft

November 4, 2017

On this week’s show, we spoke with Ralph Van Coillie, Managing Director Ecommerce @ Ubisoft. Ralph converges his passion in digital calculated ventures for complex and large scale organizations in different national and international industries such as banking, media, telecom and retail.
Empowering organizations, individuals and communities to deliver new leading edge digital competitive added values by leveraging relevant data, operational excellence, technology integration and people management.
Also recognized as a Keynote Speaker, Advisor and board member on several institutions.

We had a great conversation about:

  • How ecommerce is shifting toward B2B organizations
  • Ralph’s career progression in ecommerce
  • What it takes for organizations to succeed with an ecommerce strategy
  • His role at Ubisoft in going directly to consumers
  • The technologies he’s keeping his eye on (VR, AR and Blockchain)
    The ethics of online advertising
  • His thesis of making a difference

Ralph is a rare senior executive with enormous experience in ecommerce. He’s held multiple roles in important organizations. If you are interested in ecommerce or gaming, I think you’ll enjoy this episode.

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