Debating the changing face of media with Francis Gosselin, President @ FG8 Consulting

August 18, 2017

On this week’s show, we held a special debate series with Francis Gosselin, President @ FG8 Consulting. The topic we chose to debate was the media landscape.

Francis is the president of FG8 and Director with SAGE Consulting and he focuses on innovation and strategy. He advises top-level executives in matters pertaining to leadership, change management, innovation and digital technologies.

He has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Strasbourg and a M.Sc. in International Affairs from HEC Montreal. He’s achieved graduate-level education while remaining strongly involved in project management in numerous fields, including print and online media content production and management, institutional consulting, social network management, economic development and teaching responsibilities.

We had a deep dive into the world of media

  • The fundamental business model changes
  • The growing importance of journalism
  • Why paying for news is important
  • His Fail Camp conference and the lessons he’s learned from running it.

I’ve known Francis for a few years and he’s one of the smartest (and well travelled) people I know. It was a really interesting deep dive into the world of media – I hope that you enjoy the debate.

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