Debate series with Frederic Guarino | Techlash and 2018 recap

December 28, 2018

On this week’s show, I spoke with Frederic Guarino. We held a lively debate on the techlash of 2018 and where we’re headed next year. Frédéric Guarino is a growth hacker for Grey Juice Lab, a leading global service provider of content and services for multiscreen TV and VOD.

Previously he was a business developer for Zone3&co-founded VR Valley, an inter-industry professional group to develop collaborations between large corporations & startups in the VR space. He co-organized with MUTEK Montréal’s VR Salons (3 editions 2015-2017). Frédéric is also a strategist for brands and large corporations and a startup advisor/mentor. He guest programmed a VR Summit for the CFC’s IDEABOOST accelerator. Frédéric writes for the Canada Media Fund’s Trends blog, the HuffingtonPost (in Québec, Canada and the US) and is the editor of the blog

On the show, we spoke about:

  • Techlash in 2018 and the changing sentiment around technology
  • Data ownership and privacy
  • The coming IPO fever
  • Consumerization of enterprise tech in 2019

Fred is deeply knowledgeable about the tech space and we had a great debate where we actually disagreed on many points! I hope that you enjoy the conversation.

Let us know what you think. What types of guests would like to see on the show? What topics interest you the most? Send me your thoughts at

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